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Our engineers can recover data from any type of device regardless of format or failure scenario.

By using advanced proprietary technology, our engineers can repair physical media damage or restore corrupt, deleted or missing files. We maintain the industry's best security credentials, and our overall success rate stands at an astounding 96 percent. Hard Drives Solid State Drives Flash Drives Compact Flash Cards SD/SDHC Cards Micro SD Cards Cell Phones More than 90% of the companies that claim to do data recovery do not have the proper technology to safely recover data from most data recovery conditions. They do not have the tools or the knowledge professional data recovery companies have. Western Digital TOSHIBA Scandisk Iomega Hitachi Seagate Fujitsu Maxtor Samsung

Common Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Recovery Our teams can recover data from any type of hard drive, quickly restoring essential data from laptop, desktop or external HDDs. » More about Hard Drive Recovery Apple Mac Recovery Apple Mac Recovery Techville staffs certified Mac technicians to treat all Apple computer systems and electronic devices. » More about Apple Mac Recovery Laptop Data Recovery Laptop Data Recovery We provide services for every brand of laptop including Toshiba, Sony, Apple and more. » More about Laptop Data Recovery Desktop Data Recovery Services Desktop Data Recovery By repairing physical and logical issues, our engineers can restore data from any desktop computer in a matter of days. » More about Desktop Data Recovery RAID Data Recovery RAID Data Recovery We specialize in RAID data recovery and provide professional solutions for every RAID configuration level. » More about RAID Data Recovery Server Data Recovery Server Data Recovery Techville provides resources for every type of server, and our excellent turnaround options help to prevent unnecessary downtime. » More about Server Data Recovery Tape Data Recovery Tape Data Recovery We support all data tape formats including DLT, LTO, DDS, IBM legacy formats and more. » More about Tape Data Recovery Database Data Recovery Database Data Recovery Our database experts can perform advanced repairs for all types of databases including every SQL format. » More about Database Data Recovery Encrypted Data Recovery Encrypted Data Recovery As a leader in data security, we specialize in encrypted file recovery and repair. » More about Encrypted Data Recovery SSD Data Recovery SSD Data Recovery We are uniquely qualified to recover inaccessible files from all solid-state drives including hybrid SSD-HD drives. » More about SSD Data Recovery USB Flash and SD Card Data Recovery USB Flash Data Recovery Techville can treat physical and logically damaged flash devices including camera cards, thumb drives and more. » More about USB & SD Card Services

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