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Affordable Drones Are you looking for a camera drone, racing drone, or just more information about drones? What kind of drone should I buy? If you want a drone, you probably don’t want just any drone. We carry a wide variety of drones, from Camera Drones, Racing Drones, and Toy Drones (quadcopters).

Camera Drones

Camera drones are the most recognizable drones, as well as the drone most people are familiar with. Camera drones are quad-copters that usually come ready-to-fly. Drones with cameras are both fun and extremely useful in filming cinematography, taking pictures from far above or even over a body of water. Most people don’t buy camera drones for just one specific use. A quad-copters with cameras can be used for many different applications, such as video production, search and rescue, agriculture and more. Some of the more popular reasons include exploring the world from new perspectives, experiencing what it’s like to fly, and capturing memories in a completely new way is a perfectly good reason for wanting a camera drone.

Toy Drones

Inexpensive toy drones can be a lot of fun, as well as simple to fly. They make great gifts for kids & adults. Mid range drones (quad-copters) like the Phantom 3 or Phantom 4 are so easy to fly you won’t believe it. They come with on-board GPS and can almost fly themselves. Set a Phantom to stay somewhere and you could literally go in and grab a drink of water and it will stay where you want it to. Although we don’t recommend leaving your drone unattended, ever. In fact the FAA requires you keep a drone within the line of site.

Drone Rental

Techville offers a comprehensive range of rental drones in the Greater Toronto Area. Our drone rental packages are designed to accommodate customers at all levels. Feel free to contact us to help you decide which unit is best for your project. Our service is unique, we always thoroughly maintain our UAVs, keep them updated and replace them as soon as there is any doubt about their condition. We constantly upgrade our inventory to bring the latest and best options to our customers. We phase out all drone rental units that become outdated as soon as there are better replacement models available. You can trust our Techville drone rental to provide you with the right equipment to get your job done safely and without disruptions. Call us if you need help choosing a unit. Full day 350$ or 150$ Hourly DJI Phantom Professional 3 4k and 1080p Call us for inquiry

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