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Dyson is a trusted name in the vacuum cleaner industry, and if you are in the market to purchase a new machine, it is well worth looking at a Dyson model cleaner for that purchase. These vacuum cleaners offer an array of features and benefits the other guys couldn’t come close to providing you with.

owerful suction and “Ball” technology have helped Dyson revolutionize the vacuum cleaning industry. The company began by James Dyson in 1978, and in those more than 40 years the name has become common among households who expect more than what the average vacuum cleaner can offer them.

There is no question the cost of a Dyson is usually more than the cost of another brand, so what makes it worth this extra money?

Using a Dyson will ensure that you have a clean home after it has been used. With cyclone technology, a Dyson vacuum is more powerful at sucking up the dirt and debris from your floor, placing them inside of the vacuum cleaner rather than throughout the air in your home. You can ensure that all of the dirt is removed from your carpets using these powerful machines.

And, the Dyson line of vacuums never lose suction like many of the other vacuum cleaners do after they’ve been used for any period of time. Whether it is the first time or the 1000th time you’ve used your vacuum you can count on the same powerful suction power that gets your carpets clean.

The everlasting, powerful suction is due to Root Cyclone technology. This technology enables the air inside of the cleaner to spin at very high speeds. This results in strong and consistent suction. It uses a three-step process to do this, first gathering all dirt and dust through a filtration system. It is then sent to a bin, with the larger particles caught and separated. The technology provides lasting suction but it also reduces the chances of your vacuum clogging. When you are done cleaning the vacuum, empty and your vacuum is ready to go again.

Another interesting fact about Dyson- they are made from the same materials as crash helmets. Yes, so this means the vacuum cleaners couldn’t be any more durable. All of those dings and bumps will certainly not harm this cleaner, and chances are little Jimmy using it as a jumping board won’t either.

Which Dyson Will Steal Your Heart? There are many different types and models of Dyson cleaners on the market. They are designed for household, commercial and on-the-go use, as well as suitable to clean any type of floor inside of your home. No matter which Dyson you select, you can always count on the same quality provided to you time after time.

Take a look at what others have said about Dyson. There are many reviews out there. While you are at it, compare them to other vacuums. There may be plenty who have tried to imitate what Dyson has done , but none of those companies can come close to providing the superior results that a Dyson offers.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are also long-lasting machines built tough. While you may initially spend more to purchase the cleaner, there is no doubt it will be there for you long after the other says have left you stranded.

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