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Kits Starting at: $69 CAD

Sizes: H1, H3, H4, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, H16, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008, 5202, 880, 9145, 881, 893, 9011, 9012

HID Kit Package Contents

Two (2) x HID Ballasts
Two (2) x Bulbs
Two (2) x Harness Adapters

Techville has been offering premium quality HID Kits for the past decade. We started as a small local company and grew in more then a thousand customer base company selling throughout the United States and Canada. Our customer base continues to grow thanks to our outstanding customer service and high satisfaction ratings from our clients.


HID lights can be just the aftermarket purchase to do just that and give your ride a luxury feel. A one-time luxury has become an everyday investment, one that encompasses good quality accompanied by refined taste.


Upgraded lighting not only adds style and uniqueness to your vehicle, but fortunately provides safer driving conditions. A mere change to HID lights will help you see and be seen when you travel anytime day or night.

Install HID Kits

Connect the Ballast to the Ignitor (does not apply to 35W Canbus kits).
Connect the two (2) single-pin plugs from the Ballast/Ignitor to the Xenon Bulbs.
Connect the female oval 2-prong plug from the ballast to the 12 inch adapter wire .
Connect the other end of the 12 inch adapter wire to your Vehicle's Factory Connector.
Notes About Installing with a Power Relay Harness
If you install your kit with a Power Relay Harness, you will only be using one 12 inch adapter wire and it will go between the Power Relay Harness Connector and the Vehicle's Factory Connector. On Step 3 above, instead of connecting the Ballast to the 12 inch adapter wires, you will connect the ballasts directly to the Power Relay Harness male connectors (with the yellow rubber seal).

Single Beam Installation Step 2

This is what the finished product will look like once all connections are done. Repeat the steps for the second headlight.

Single Beam Installation Step 3
Power Relay Harness Diagram

If you purchased a Power Relay Harness with your HID Kit, review the diagram below to assist you with installation. Note that when installing an HID Kits with a power relay harness, you will only have a single connection going to your factory connector. The opposite side will remain unplugged which is normal. You may want to weatherproof the empty connector to avoid moisture from damaging it.

Single Beam Power Relay Harness

Temperature (Color)


Never touch the bulb with your fingers because it might blemish it.
All vehicle with hard plastic headlight dust covers will need to drill a 1 inch hole to close and feed the wires through. A rubber grommet is included with all our bulbs to seal back the hole from moisture and water.
High voltage can easily give you an electric discharge or even burn you.
When turning the power of the bulb on and off, do not touch it.
Never look directly into the xenon bulb because the light emitted can be very bright and hurt your eyes.
If an accident occurs, make sure to shut the power supply off.
We do not take any responsibility if a customer attempts to assemble or disassemble parts that are broken.
If you ever need professional help for repairs or a replacement, make sure to visit your local garage.
Our products must stay away from any kind of flammable content such as Diluting Agents, Spray Paint, Paper, Oil, etc...
Never adjust your xenon lights to point upwards because you might diminish the visibility of other drivers on the road.
To avoid short circuiting your HID bulb, make sure to turn them on only once your vehicle has been started.

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