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We use direct replacement OEM quality parts to repair your iPod, so you can expect the same performance of your device after the repair, as before. Most people aren't aware that there are different 'grades' of replacement parts. At DigiExpress, we use the highest quality parts available that meet, or exceed, Apple's own specifications. There are plenty of poor quality copies on the market, don't be fooled by cheap imitations.

iPod Diagnostic & Repair Service Cracked Glass No WIFI Signal Won't Charge Sad Apple Dark Spot on LCD Poor Battery Life No Sound & Much, Much More!

DO YOU SUFFER FROM ANY IPOD, IPHONE OR IPAD DISORDERS? DO YOU HAVE A CRACKED IPOD, IPHONE OR IPAD GLASS OR LCD? DO YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR IPOD VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE? DOES YOUR IPHONE POWER OR HOME BUTTON NO LONGER FUNCTION PROPERLY? DID YOU BREAK YOUR IPAD SCREEN ALREADY? We can diagnose, repair, refurbish and restore most iPods, iPads and iPhones and specialize in replacing Cracked LCD Screens, Scratched Faceplates (SURGICAL FACE-LIFT), Dead Batteries or Hard Drives, Bad Logic Board or Audio Jack and Broken Click-Wheels.

- Certified Technicians

- Apple iPod Screens & Parts in Stock

- Fast Repair turn around

- iPod Repairs: iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle, Classic

We Repair most Apple iPods


Walk-In on The Spot Diagnostics*

*on most common devices

To make sure you get your iPod back as soon as possible we hold large amounts of Apple iPod parts and will make sure you’re back with your iPod as soon as possible.

Our Services include

Hardware Repairs and Assessments for all Apple iPod. This includes component level repairs such as motherboard level connector replacements due to burnt chips or water damage. We can also perform digitizer replacements, LCD displays, Glass, Charging Ports, Batteries and a whole lot more. Software fixes including operating system faults, bugs, email errors and application failures.

Safe and reliable data transfers from old to new iPod and other, or simple data backups for piece of mind. Protect those precious photos, audio masterpieces and multi-layered image composites. Rush Service: For those emergency situations we will do our best to accomodate.

Liquid damage repairs. Has your iPod gone for a swim? We have a liquid repair service to bring the iPod back to life. At the very least we can get your precious data onto something more reliable.

We repair almost any Apple products. Feel free to drop by or give us a call.

Diagnosis & Repairs

Our professional technicians are at your disposal at Techville. Bring us your iPod and we will make an accurate diagnosis your iPod's damage we always perform a full diagnostic procedure at no cost.

- We listen carefully to your comments and description of the problem you are experiencing.

-We process a complete diagnosis and system checks, to identify the damage of the iPod.

-After we identify the issues, you will receive full information about the complications and the causes of the problem.

-We plan together the best possible solution to fix your iPod. You will receive a Free Estimate and once we get your approval our Technicians will begin their repair process.

Whatever your iPod problem, we almost certainly have experience fixing it. By pinpointing the exact source of the problem, our technicians can make repairs both internally and externally – saving you substantially on what a replacement phone would cost.

Once we make a repair, our technical team thoroughly tests the repair to ensure that your phone is working optimally.

iPod problems don’t have to disrupt your life. Call or visit your Tech Repair Centre Techville for all of your smartphone and gadget problems. For mail-in service, please send us your phone and battery, but not your phone’s charger. We also recommend adding shipping insurance to your package as added protection.

Common iPod Repairs

You do not want anything to happen to your iPod - but iPods after years of use, issues will arise. Techville is at your disposal for any iPod repair. We repair most iPod Models from older Classic models to the latest iPod Touch; Techville has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I trust a Glass Only Replacement on my iPod Touch?
The glass is not meant to be changed since an iPod Touch 4 and up. Only a complete LCD and digitizer panel should be used. Some shops will even charge 25 dollars for a glass replacement but it will create additional issues. Using C Quality parts (even if they claim it's OEM) is not a good idea. You will end up paying for the repair multiple times and could become a frustrating situation especially if you're planning on travelling and the glass is glitchy like all low quality glasses tend to behave.
Why should I repair my iPod with Techville?
Techville is able to change most iPod screens within 1-2 hours as well as quick turn around time with other services. We stock all iPod Parts, no need to wait for a part to come in, fast repair service.
I see ads for cheaper iPod Repair Ads on Kijiji, are they better?
We can provide the same repair and beat that price but keep this in mind the part used in the repair would reflect that cost, a lower end grade part will be used. We recommend going with an OEM Part.
What is OEM?
Original Equipment Manufacturer refers to a company whose products are used as components in another company's product. Original Parts

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