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Nintendo Switch Wii & Wii U Repair

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Nintendo Switch, Wii U & Wii repair!

Have a new Switch and running into issues? Can’t part with your Wii, but it’s just not working the way it used to? Whether yours is overheating, has a bad HDMI port or any issues Techville can help!

Experienced Nintendo Technicians

Our experienced technicians have spent lots of hours tearing down, fixing and reassembling Nintendo Switch, Wii U & Wii. Techville in Oakville has all the parts, tools and experience to repair your console quickly the first time. Our technicians are fully trained to deal with multiple Nintendo console issues. We have customers from all across the GTA including Burlington which is a 5-15 minute drive from Oakville, Milton, which is a 15-20 minute drive from Oakville, as well as Hamilton and Mississauga, due to our high reputation fixing gaming consoles.

Here are some of the problems we can fix:

Bad Lasers
Discs not ejecting
No image
Hard drive space
Software issues
and more.!

Nintendo Switch, Wii U & Wii HDMI Port Repair Brand new, improved HDMI ports installed - much stronger than the original How do you know if you need your HDMI port replaced? When you plug in your console and power it on the blue pulsing light goes to white, but there is nothing showing on your TV screen. This is one of the most common symptoms. Most of the time you can even see the pins on the HDMI port have been pushed back so they are not making connection with the HDMI cable anymore. The only fix for this is removing the old port and installing a new HDMI port. We will professionally repair your HDMI port and offer you warranty. We use brand new upgraded HDMI ports that will last much longer than the factory HDMI ports. We have replaced thousands of these ports and can replace yours quickly and accurately. As part of this repair service we will remove the old crusty thermal paste and install fresh, new, quality thermal paste. We use professional tools and equipment and we have the experience to do the job right (We've fixed literally thousands of Nintendo devices including Switch, Wii U & Wii's).

Is your Nintendo Switch or Wii or Wii U scratching discs, experiencing read errors, or any other malfunction?

The cause could be the laser or disc drive on the Wii & Wii U. Techville can easily fix this issue with a quick laser replacement or clean.

Red Light of Death on your Wii & Wii U?

Techville has the knowledge and experience to fix it. Drop your new Wii U and need a new screen? We have many in stock ready to replace your broken one. If you any of these have any of these problems with your Nintendo Switch, Wii U & Wii, Techville can fix it for you! The best news is, if we are unable to fix the console, it's no charge to you. We can even give your console an overhaul. This includes new thermal paste, in depth cleaning of the cooling system (including both sides of the heat sink), disc drive cleaning and full testing of your system.

We offer a 90 day warranty on all of our repairs

While warranty returns are unusual for us we will always honor our warranty on our parts and repairs. Fast, accurate repairs are very important and that is our speciality. Whether you a professional gamer using the Nintendo Switch Wii & Wii U or just someone who likes to play on the weekends we can get you up and running fast at a great price.

If you need your console looked at, no worries! You can walk on in, no appointment is needed. Plus, we offer some select games and gaming accessories for your console.

Thank you for making Techville the #1 Repair Centre in the Greater Toronto Area!