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PS3 and PS4 Repair

PS4 repair! Whether yours is overheating, has a bad HDMI port or any issues we can help! This console is bigger and better than the PS4 Slim. It has almost twice the computing power, takes more power and has a beefed up cooling system. It also is capable of 4K gaming. While all of this makes for an impressive piece of hardware it does break. Our experienced technicians have spent lots of hours tearing down, fixing and reassembling Sony's PS4. We have the parts, tools and experience to repair your console quickly the first time. Here are some of the problems we can fix: We repair video game Consoles! It's hard to find a video game store in the Halton Region which offer full blown repair service. We repair game consoles like: Xbox 360 and Xbox Sony Playstation consoles Nintendo Wii and Wii U If your video game console is not working, just bring it over. We can tell you how much it will cost you to fix it on the spot. Drop by or give us a call if you have an specific question about your video game console. PS4 HDMI PORT REPAIR - Brand new, improved HDMI ports installed - Much stronger than the original How do you know if you need your HDMI port replaced? When you plug in your console and power it on the blue pulsing light goes to white, but there is nothing showing on your TV screen. This is one of the most common symptoms. Most of the time you can even see the pins on the HDMI port that have been pushed back so they are not making connection with the HDMI cable anymore. The only fix for this is removing the old port and installing a new HDMI port. We will professionally repair your HDMI port and offer you a 6 month warranty. We use brand new upgraded HDMI ports that will last much longer than the factory HDMI ports. We have replaced thousands of these ports and can replace yours quickly and accurately. As part of this repair service we will remove the old crusty thermal paste and install fresh, new, quality thermal paste. We use professional tools and equipment and we have the experience to do the job right (We've fixed literally thousands of PS4's). That's why we can offer a warranty with our work. If we can't fix it, we won't charge you! Is your PlayStation scratching discs, experiencing read errors, or any other malfunction? Red Ring of Death on your PS3 or PS4? Yellow Light of Death on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One? If any of these sound familiar to you then chances are we can fix it for you! Our high tech reflow machine offers a permanent fix to any overheating issues your console may be having. The best news is, if we are unable to fix the console, it's no charge to you. We also fix issues concerning your console not reading discs or any software issues you may be having. We can even give your console an overhaul. This includes new thermal paste, in depth cleaning of the cooling system (including both sides of the heat sink), disc drive cleaning and full testing of your system. We offer a 6 month warranty on almost all of our repairs so you have somewhere to turn if any problems occur with the repairs. While warranty returns are unusual for us we will always honor our warranty on our parts and repairs. Fast, accurate repairs are very important and that is our speciality. Whether you a professional gamer using the PS4 Pro or just someone who likes to play on the weekends we can get you up and running fast at a great price. We offer your choice of 1 business day, 3 business day or 5 business day repair turnaround times for your convenience. Those looking for fast repairs can choose the faster times and those looking for a lower price can choose the slower turnaround time to take advantage of the price break. PS3 and PS4 Repairs We Offer Overheating Faulty HDMI port, USB port or any other port Bad power supply No signal on the TV Controllers not connecting WiFi problems Disc drive repair and replacement and much more We Can Fix Your Broken PS4 We service and repair game consoles from all over the US. How does this work? Well it's quite simple. Basically you would buy the repair from our website and send your broken console to us. Once we receive it we would let you know we have it, repair and test it, then let you know it's done and send it back. We always provide tracking numbers so you would be able to track it every step of the way. One of the features our customers seem to like best is the ability to choose how quickly their console is repaired. We offer 5 business day, 3 business day and 1 business day pricing for our repairs. This enables customers to pay more if they would like to get their device back faster. Not only are our repairs fast and reliable they are also affordable. We can fix broken PS4's at such a great price because we repair a large volume of devices. We repair literally thousands of game consoles so we can buy parts in bulk, get shipping discounts and learn to complete repairs quickly yet accurately. ARE YOU HAVING XBOX ONE PROBLEMS? We can fix your Xbox One problems! We've fixed lots of these consoles and have the tools and experience to get yours working again. We offer 1 business day, 3 business day and 5 business day turnaround times with free return shipping. We've seen pretty much every problem on the Xbox One and are ready to get you back to gaming. Common Xbox One Problems Here are some of the most common repairs that we provide for the Xbox One Disc Drive Repair HDMI Port Repair Hard Drive Repair - Hard Drive Replacement Green Screen of Death - Black Screen of Death Overheating Repair Even if you have no idea what problems your Xbox is having we can help. We offer free diagnosis for any problems and we don't charge you anything unless we can fix the problem. Xbox One Repairs We can fix most any problem your Xbox One is having. Whether you need us to diagnose it or if you know exactly what the problem is we can help. Most of our repairs come with a 6 month warranty and you can always know that we'll be honest and fair with you. Check out our reviews to see what other customers have said. XBOX ONE NOT READING DISCS? IS YOUR XBOX ONE NOT READING DISCS? We can help! The Xbox One game console has had quite a large problem with not reading discs. I would say that this is the number one repair we perform on these consoles. The disc reading problem seems to have started long before it should have which makes one wonder if there is a large problem with the type of laser that was used. The Primary Causes Of Disc Drive Problems We've found several common causes of disc drive failure on the Xbox One. The most common is the laser inside the disc drive itself. While some lasers have gotten dirty with dust and debris, a lot of them just seem to have failed prematurely. Unfortunately there is no good way to test whether they are good or just need to be cleaned. Some have suggested using some type of disc drive cleaner to clean the laser but the truth is that most of the time they just don't do much. The second most common cause of disc drive problems is inside the drive. There are some gears and belts inside the drive that can all cause this type of problem. Specifically there are several gears on the bottom side of the unit that become misaligned (usually caused by jerking the disc out) and that causes the disc to not get sucked in all the way.

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