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Store Policy & Terms and Conditions

Techville offers a '90 Day' limited warranty on Used and Refurbished as well as on Services Performed in the store such as repairs. ● USED/REFURBISHED PURCHASE(S): NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. ● Warranty (applies to: All parts and labor associated with the repair) Used/Refurbished Phones • 90 day (with proof of purchase) Accessories • 15 day over-the-counter exchange in original packaging Repairs • 90 days (with proof of purchase) Liquid Damage Repairs • 90 Days on parts and labor. If a problem arises during warranty period, device might be aligible for in-store credit provided that the device has not been liquid damaged again or physically abused. Techville's warranty applies to the original customer and is non-transferable. Rooting or modifying stock OS or firmware Voids Techville's warranty. Warranty on parts covers manufacturer related part defects, such as a spontaneous or abrupt decline in overall device functionality, touchscreen sensitivity, or LCD performance. The warranty on labor covers the workmanship performed by a Techville technician which is associated with the repair only and does not cover any additional damage. Additional damage can be defined as any damage unrelated to the preceding repair, including, but not limited to physical damage or liquid damage to the device. Exclusions to Techville's warranty: Liquid damage, Physical damage, misuse, unauthorized tampering or repair. A copy of the payment Receipt is required for any purchase or repair. Without a receipt there is No Warranty. We are not responsible for lost receipts. Unlocking: Techville is not Responsible for blacklisted phones, iCloud locked, Google locked or Blackberry locked devices. No refunds are applicable if device is blacklisted before or during the unlock process. Unlocks are Non-cancellable. Refund is provided if the unlock is refused or rejected by the server or if the device is not unlockable. Data loss and Memory Transfer: Techville has zero liability with the customer's data. Techville will perform a professional service and is highly experienced with repairs and data recovery.Techville is not responsible for any data loss before, during of after any repair or transfer. Techville will never knowingly delete any data on purpose unless the customer is informed before hand or situations where it is evident that the data could be already erased. Example: Device not booting or restarting could already be empty or irrecoverable. Any software reinstall always carries these kind of risks. Example 2: If a computer is brought due to a possible Operating System issue, and the hard drive fails while we are attempting a data recovery, we are not liable for the data loss ass the hard drive was already on its last legs. Example 3: Not explicitly explaining what data needs to be recovered during a backup and format. If the customer has important files hiding outside of the common Documents, music, pictures, desktop or user folders, as well as not obvious user accounts, hidden files, etc, Techville will not perform a recovery on those folders which include Outlook files if the customer didnt create a PST file before hand or if custome requests we create a PST file (at an additional charge) as well as Tax files that werent backed up by the user and saved into a common folder such as documents. All items are final sale. ● Special Orders: NO RETURNS. NO CANCELLATIONS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Special orders left unclaimed after 30 days forfeit all deposits and become property of Techville. ● Returns: Items will be honored store credit provided they are in the original packaging and unused. ● Unclaimed Items and Repairs: Repairs left unclaimed after 60 days from date of service become property of Techville. Includes partial or fully paid repairs. Our policy states that devices where there is no money owing (Not fixed, beyond repair or cancelled devices or working but with previous liquid damage or iCloud, google or blackberry locjed devices) will be recycled or disposed correctly after 60 days. Devices with a balance owing will be refurbished for sale after 60 days in order to recoup the loss caused by the customer asking for a service and never paying for it. Although we have a process where we inform you to pickup your devices, even before the 60 days mark, we are not responsible for calling you to pickup your devices as the contact information provided could be wrong, or the number could be the same of the device left at Techville, customer could be unreachable, etc. The customer has the sole responsibility to make arrangements to pickup the device within 60 days after the repair is performed or to call to find out the status of it. Techville reserves the right to refuse service(s) to anyone who does not agree to any or all conditions of the service(s) to be provided.

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